At Show Stopper Dance Studio we train and guide artists of all levels and ages to become the BEST in the industry.  We invite you to a space that has no limitations, no hate, no wrongdoing; a world where you can explore who YOU are.  Take this journey with us and find the true beauty that lies within us all...DANCE!

We are excited to announce that Show Stopper Studio will be re-opening on Monday, June 1st, 2020 . We welcome you back into a safe space where we can all re-awaken the artist within US .


WHEN?  Monday thru Saturday


WHAT TIME?  Extended Hours starting at 4:00pm


HOW TO RSVP?  Booking in advance is now required for all classes. You may begin reserving your spots as early as Thursday May 28th.


CAPACITY?  All classes will have a cap of 15-20 dancers


MEMBERS! Members who wish to upgrade or unfreeze their membership must contact us during the following Office Hours: Wednesday thru Saturday from 5pm-7pm

**You may call us at 305-231-7469 or email us to


SAFETY? Wearing masks and practicing safe social distancing will be required at all times

Keep Show Stopper Alive

Hi - my name is Susie Garcia- Creative Director and Owner of Show Stopper Studio in Miami, Fl. During these uncertain times, it’s so important that we ALL stick TOGETHER and CONNECTED by supporting and motivating each other. We’ve never faced something like this and our intention is to work through it TOGETHER no matter how long it lasts.

Show Stopper Studio has been standing strong for 11 years with one goal in our hearts: To bring together a long lasting community of artists and GIVE them a space where passion, hopes and hard work can come together…where DREAMS can truly come to life!

This is why, our Creative Director- Susie Garcia has decided to launch a GoFundMe. By making a donation and sharing this message with your friends, family and followers YOU are helping our MOVEMENT live ON. Our team is working hard long hours to keep Show Stopper going, we need our community’s help to stay up and running. It would mean the world to us to have your support in these tough times.

Your donations will help:
Keep our online studio ALIVE
PRESERVE our physical studio
SPONSOR dancers with limited financial resources
SUSTAIN our creative team so we can continue our class curriculum

We know that money can be tight, so please know that even $5 helps us get closer to the goal! Feel free to reach us with any questions and will be happy to answer them. We appreciate your support from the bottom of our hearts! 



  • Over 26 tutorial classes

  • Gallery updated weekly

  • Limited Edition classes

  • Content varies from Live Stream classes​



  • Live Stream Classes

    • 2 Times a Week

    • Tuesdays​ & Thursdays

    • All live classes saved to your gallery and available at your convenience!

  • Online Tutorials

    • Gallery of additional tutorial classes

    • These are additional Limited Edition classes

    • Content varies from Live Stream classes



  • Live Stream Classes

    • 6 Times a Week!

    • Tuesdays​, Wednesdays & Thursdays

    • 2 Classes Per Day

    • All live classes saved to your gallery and available at your convenience

    • Live Stream content varies from Online Tutorials

We’re excited to announce we will now be open on Saturdays! Classes will vary week by week. Please stop by our Instagram @ShowStopperMiami to see the schedule posted on Thursdays or Fridays. See you soon!




"You are here for a reason. The unknown is unpredictable and sometimes scary, but remember that with every journey there is a lesson and with every lesson, there is a journey."

-Susie Garcia, Creative Director & Owner



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